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How to Clean up your Windows 7 PC

Posted by Aidan Garcia on
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As you use your computer, Windows 7 gets heavier and the hard drive gets cluttered with unnecessary files. We must hunt down the importunate.

1.Eliminate temporary files and traces in your software

Download CCleaner, install it and run it. On the Windows tab, select the check boxes in front of all items you want to delete. Open the Applications tab and repeat the operation by checking the boxes in front of all items to be emptied. When you are finished, click the Analyze button. CCleaner simulates the cleanup and shows you the amount of disk space it is able to recover and the list of files that will be deleted. After verifying that this list does not contain any required files, click Clean. Confirm the operation by clicking OK. Cleaning begins.

02 – Fix registry errors with CCleaner

The registry is the true heart of Windows. It contains all the configuration of your system and software. Over time, many erroneous and invalid keys make it unnecessarily burdensome. CCleaner can repair registry errors and get rid of these obsolete data. In the CCleaner window, click the Registry button. Check all the boxes. Then click the Find Errors button. Anomalies detected by the program are then displayed. Click the Correct selected errors button and confirm by clicking Yes. Enter a name for the backup file, choose a location for it, and then click the Save button. CCleaner then presents all the errors one by one. Click Fix all selected errors and confirm by clicking Yes. The Windows Registry is cleaned. Then click the Close button.

03 – Uninstall recalcitrant software

To remove software, the Programs and Features feature in Control Panel is not always sufficient because it leaves traces on your computer. Download Revo Uninstaller on our site and install it. Double-click its shortcut on the desktop. The list of installed software is displayed. Click View, and then click Details to view, next to each software, its installation date and the space it occupies on the hard disk. Select the software to uninstall properly, click the Uninstall button and confirm by clicking Yes. You can choose how to uninstall the software. Go to Advanced and click Next. Revo Uninstaller then creates a restore point and then launches the software uninstaller. Follow the different steps it proposes. After the uninstallation is complete, return to the Revo Uninstaller interface. The computer then scans your computer after uninstalling for possible traces left by the uninstalled software.

Click Next. The items found in the registry are then displayed as a tree. Click Select All and then click Delete and confirm with Yes. Then click Next. The list of the remaining files and folders of this software on your hard disk is displayed. Click the Select All button, click Delete, and then confirm with Yes. Then click Next and then click Finish. All traces of the uninstalled software will be erased.

04 – Disable unnecessary functions

Windows 7 uses a lot of functions, not necessarily always useful on a daily basis. To save time, disable those you do not use.

Open the Control Panel. Click the Programs icon. Then click the Activate or Deactivate Windows Features command in the Programs and Features area. In the list that appears, simply deselect the items you want to disable. You can, for example, uncheck Optional Components for Tablet PC if you do not have a Tablet PC, Games if you are not using Windows games, Windows DFS Replication Service if you do not sync files between multiple computers, etc. . Then click the OK button. At any time, you can reactivate these functions by checking their boxes again.